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14K Yellow Gold Chandelier Earrings

$818.57 USD $1,259.34

Color: Yellow

Buy now, wear with pride, and watch your wealth shine.

Material: 14K Real Yellow Gold
16x51mm Wide
Diamond Cut/Cubic Zirconia
Approximate Weight:
Typically ships out within three working day

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Experience the remarkable durability and hypoallergenic properties of our genuine gold chains. Shop with confidence at Italian Fashions Jewelry and discover the perfect piece that will add a touch of elegance to your collection.

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Real Gold, Pure Quality:

  • Genuine Real Gold
  • NOT Plated
  • NOT Filled
  • NOT Overlayed

Our Jewelry is professionally tested and stamped for gold purity. You can be confident in the quality of this chain as it has passed professional testing and has been stamped for its gold purity.

Quality Matters:

  • We collaborate with top-tier factories and use the finest materials sourced directly from world-known manufacturers.
  • Explore our hand-picked collection, meticulously crafted at the origin of some of the world's highest-quality Jewelry.

We're passionate about creating jewelry for your everyday moments. Whether it's subtle, minimalist elegance or striking statement pieces, we've got something to match every style and occasion.


  • ItalianFashions prioritizes sustainability throughout our entire product cycle.
  • We actively work to reduce carbon emissions and minimize plastic consumption.
  • Trust in ItalianFashions's dedication to maintaining a balanced and eco-friendly business that minimizes our environmental impact, as we continually strive towards a greener future.


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  • Real 14K Gold: Discover the elegance of these brand-new Chandelier Earrings crafted from genuine 14k yellow gold.NOT Plated, NOT Filled, NOT Overlayed; This Huggies Earrings is professionally tested and stamped for 14K gold purity. Enjoy its remarkable durability and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Chandelier Earrings Specifications: With an approximate weight displayed in the table. 
  • Made with Love: Elevate your style with  Chandelier Earrings that boast impeccable quality. Crafted from pure 14K gold, it adheres to the highest manufacturing standards. Each piece is expertly high-polished to achieve that timeless, radiant 14K gold shine, offering a snag-free experience for your hair, clothes, and skin.
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  • GUARANTEED:14K Real Gold and "14k" Stamped.

Discover the elegance

of the brand-new fine jewelry crafted from genuine gold.

  • NOT Plated,
  • NOT Filled,
  • NOT Overlayed;

Our fine jewelry is professionally tested and stamped for gold purity.

Enjoy its remarkable durability and hypoallergenic properties.

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Title14K Solid Yellow or White Pave Curb ID Bracelet14K Yellow 3.00mm-12.00mm FIGARO Bracelets14K Hollow Yellow Gold Horn Charm Pendant14K Solid Yellow 1.50mm-5.00mm Diamond Cut Rope Bracelets18K Real Handmade Italian 5.50mm - 7.00mm Gold Chain GRLIM
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Metal Type
Metal Type
Metal Stamp
Metal Stamp
The style that never gets old
Our favorite piece to Men
The piece with a meaning
It goes well with everything!
Italian style
7-8.5 Inches
7-9 Inches
7-9 Inches
16 - 30 Inches
Layer it with:
Layer it with:
We prefer to wear it by itself
1 more layers of Bracelet
It goes well with everything!
It goes well with everything!
1 more layers


I ordered this chain after returning one that was 0.7 weight and 18 inches. This one is perfect for what I needed! Excellent quality, beautiful shine/luster, love the box chain style! Feels like it is sturdy and will hold up. Also, very solid clasp, works very well. I would definitely order from this company again.


The chain is as thick as I needed and the quality is pretty high.

Zoe Plasencia

Loved this piece. Was not 100% confident that it would suit my needs. As soon as I opened the package, I knew it would be exactly the item needed to compliment the pendant.


Italian Fashions

14K Yellow Gold Chandelier Earrings

$818.57 USD $1,259.34


  • 16x51mm


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