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9 Gold Chain Designs to Matching Your Skin Tone and Personality

Gold Chain necklace types to suit your style and fashion

Gold-made chain certainly is one of the staple pieces of jewelry items. You wear a chain to reflect your social status. The craze of investing money in this jewelry is not expected to slow down in the coming years.

You can look for Italian Gold Chains in Los Angeles CA in any leading jewelry store. You can wear when you like. You can look around for a solid chain or even a combination with other precious and semi-precious stones and beads.

Different necklace types to suit your style and fashion

When you search any store, you will discover that you have unlimited designs. Each brand manufactures its design. You can look around for chain gold designs that match your fashion statement and style. You also have designs that are gender specific and neutral.

1. Hollow Miami Cuban Chain

This type is the most common design that you will find in any leading store. If you are aware of 10k gold chains then most people prefer Hollow miami cuban chain design. The entire chain is linked  like in appearance. You can also look around for a Miami Cuban design that is made up by mixing silver with gold.

• The chain may have a very durable joint in the middle
• The design also makes the chain very flexible
• The chain will not bend or dent easily

2. The Herringbone style

 Herringbone Chain | 10K Solid Yellow Gold 3mm-6mm Chain | Italian Fashions

This design is also more popular for both men and women. It is very similar in resembles as compared to the snake design. If you select luxury Herringbone gold chain in Los Angeles designs then you can also select a chain that looks flat or V in shape.

The best advantage is that you may find the chain is easy on your skin. You can select a design that is small in size and circumference. The chain does not have to hang around your neckline.

3. Box type chain: The sleek & stylish choice

10K REAL Gold Hollow BOX Chain | Yellow Gold BOX Chain Necklace |  Italian Fashions

If you are aware of Italian gold box chain design then you already are aware of the box or square design. The chain can have a very smooth appearance as it looks like a square box.

You can also select the oval design of this type. This is right choice to wear a pendant along. For women, this design is preferred as it looks very elegant. You can go for a silver and gold mix.

4. Cable chain

You certainly can look for a cable-type Gold Chain. These types are preferred due to the design simplicity. You might just feel the chain has a very simple, yet elegant design. For any skin tone and occasion, this chain is the best.

You can search for cable chain gold necklace that looks very simple and attractive. It will cover entire neckline. You can order for smaller version of the chain if you feel it is very expensive.

5. Cuban chain design

14K REAL Solid Yellow Gold 2.00mm-12.50mm Diamond Cut CUBAN Chain | Italian Fashions

You are not aware but you do get Cuban design in the market. The design has been around since 1970,s. It looks very traditional and classic. You can also find many people in the community still wearing this design.

For men, 10k gold chains with Cuban designs are highly popular. You find a lot of rappers still wearing these types of chains around their necklines. You can custom order the chain as per your preference and budget.

You can check with Italian Fashions online store for the best design collection.

6. Rope chain design

You can look for Gold Rope Chain that looks like a rope design. This chain design is very durable. You find a lot of tiny links in the design. The chain is also easy to repair if it breaks or gets damaged.Close-up view of a sparkling 10K real solid yellow gold Rope chain, showcasing its intricate diamond-cut texture and range of widths (2.00mm-6.00mm) | Italian Fashions

The pattern created resembles a single strand of rope. You may find a lot of wires braided together to form a chain design. You can look for chain gold that has a very unique design. You have to pay the price depending on the design and weight of the gold.

7. Hollow Figaro Chain: A Versatile Option

A close-up view of a classic Figaro chain necklace crafted from 10 karat real solid yellow gold | Italian Fashions

These types are generally termed hollow figaro cable chain variations. You will find that the design has very uniform links to form a regular pattern. The overall chain design has very flat end links. You can select a chain in any size and dimension.

You just have to look around for 10k gold chains in this design. You may also find that the design is very unique as compared to any other type of chain in the market.

8. Rolo chain design

Italian Fashions 10K REAL Yellow Gold Necklace | Elegant Design

If you are attracted by cable Rolo chain designs then you need to check out Rolo's design. The chain looks very elegant if you have a good masculine body. You can select a design that looks very much oval instead of a flat pattern.

You can search for luxury gold chain in Los Angeles if you like Rolo's design. It makes your stand-alone in the crowd. You can read in-detail on any leading online store.

9.Valentino Chain

Italian Fashions 10K REAL Solid Gold Valentino Chain | Italian Fashions

If you want to look noticed in the crowd, then you should select this beautiful Valentino Chain design. The chain has a very lengthy size. Each metal bead may have a very unique yellow two-tone gold pattern. You can search for Italian gold chain store and then custom-order this chain as per needs.

If you like to select a chain that looks like a necklace, then the Gucci Chain design is your best choice. The designer will create a very unique pattern by joining the convex metal pieces. The chain is very light in weight.

There are other designs as well like the ball chain design. You just have to keep in mind that the chain you purchase should match our style. You can also go for silver or other metal mixed with gold to make it more affordable.

Once you made up your mind to select a particular style, then you can fix your budget. Always keep in mind that the chain can be as affordable or as expensive as you like. If you select pure gold, then it may always be expensive. Decide your budget and then decide your pattern.